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Blog / December 13, 2016

Mike Farrell Asks the Governor of Alabama to Stop the Execution of Ronald B. Smith

DPF President Mike Farrell wrote a letter to the governor of Alabama asking him to stop the execution of Ronald B. Smith because Smith's jury recommended a life sentence, but the judge overrode the jury and sentenced him to death. Only Alabama allows a judge to override a jury's sentence in a death penalty case.

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Blog / December 9, 2016

Voices: Mike Farrell

He has devoted his life to ending the death penalty. After heading the campaign for Proposition 62, Mike Farrell returned this month to Death Penalty Focus, where he has served as president for almost 30 years. He talks about the campaign, its defeat, and where he thinks we should go from here.

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Blog / December 9, 2016

In Brief: December 2016

In New Jersey, two legislators want to bring back the death penalty, while in Nevada an assemblyman wants to abolish it. And those are just two of the capital punishment debates raging across the country in the past month. Executions, death penalty cases, legal rulings, and capital cases were front and center in several states. We look at some of the more significant developments.

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Blog / December 9, 2016

Nebraska and Oklahoma Voters Support the Death Penalty

Not quite a year after Nebraska legislators repealed their death penalty, voters brought it back last month, while Nebraska residents voted to enshrine their death penalty statute in the state constitution.

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