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Blog / December 9, 2016

Proposition 62’s Defeat

The Justice That Works Act of 2016 did not receive majority support in the November election. We look at the campaign, some of the factors that led to its loss, and what the future of abolitionism may look like.

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Blog / December 9, 2016

Georgia is the New Leader in Executions in the U.S.

It is the highest number of executions since Georgia reinstated the death penalty 43 years ago. But the execution was even more controversial because of the circumstances of the case, a miscarriage of justice so severe, a former chief justice of the state supreme court protested in an editorial in the New York Times.

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Blog / November 4, 2016

In Brief: November 2016

Capital punishment was at the center of debates in states including Kansas, Florida, Georgia, and Alabama the past few weeks.

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Blog / November 4, 2016

The Campaign Against Rose Bird

The first woman appointed to the California Supreme Court, and the first and last chief justice to be ousted, she was the target of death penalty supporters and big business.

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