William Morva suffers from delusional disorder, a disease that makes him believe things that aren’t true. It’s a serious mental illness, similar to schizophrenia, and it caused him to commit two murders for which the state of Virginia now wants to execute him. He is scheduled to die on July 6.

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe has the power to grant William Morva clemency based on his mental illness. If you believe that executing a mentally ill man is not only inhumane but incomprehensible, please join us in asking Gov. McAuliffe to commute Morva’s sentence to life in prison without parole.

Please support William’s attorneys, who filed their petition for clemency this week. Call Gov. McAuliffe at (804) 786-2211, and sign Morva’s change.org petition. You can read more about Morse’s case here.

The U.S. is already an outlier in the civilized world for continuing to have the death penalty. Imagine the message we send when we execute a mentally ill man. It’s beyond barbaric.

It's time to end this costly, failed system.

Join us today