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Voices: Ashley Cook

A year ago, wrongful convictions and the death penalty were not something that crossed my mind very often. As a Japanese major, I generally stay

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A “phenomenal legal battle in Japan”

In Japan, death row prisoners wake up every day wondering if it will be their last. Execution dates are not set in Japan so the prisoners don’t know when they will be executed until right before they are hanged (the only method Japan uses).

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While we’re on the subject…

In its analysis of the President Biden-appointed US Supreme Court Reform Commission’s draft recommendations, Balls and Strikes says the “commission gave the death penalty a

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In brief: May 2023

(This post was updated on June 1, 2023.) In Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis withdrew a hold on the June 15 death warrant for Duane Owen,

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In brief: April 2023

In Texas, a district court judge withdrew the April 26 execution date for Ivan Cantu. CBS Texas reports that the postponement was granted to give

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