Blog / November 4, 2016

LA City Council; California Newspapers Endorse Prop 62

The Los Angeles City Council announced its support for Prop 62 on Friday. The council joined 38 newspapers from all over the state, representing rural and urban areas, conservative and liberal ideologies, with large and small readerships, that have urged readers to vote Yes on 62 and No on 66.

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Blog / November 4, 2016

Voices: Shujaa Graham

“You know it’s hard every day sitting in a courtroom knowing you’re totally innocent,” Graham says. “I was framed because of my beliefs and because I was outspoken about prison conditions.”

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Blog / October 17, 2016

Voices: Ron Briggs

“We actually thought at the time, naively, that a broader death penalty would deter criminals,” Briggs says. “We truly believed the bill would reduce crime in California.”

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