DPF says goodbye to two board members


In August, two of our longest-serving and most dedicated board members left to travel, spend time with family and friends, and simply relax and enjoy their rich and fulfilling lives. We miss their wisdom, insight, and guidance, but are genuinely happy for them and grateful for their long service.

virginia-van-zandtVirginia Van Zandt

In her 25 years on the Death Penalty Focus Board of Directors, Virginia Van Zandt served as Vice President, Development; a member of the Executive Committee; Chair of the DPF Annual Dinner Committee; and Interim Executive Director, providing superb leadership and keen advice at every turn.

Her commitment to our movement, and her compassion for the men and women on death row and the families of murder victims, have been an inspiration to the board and staff of Death Penalty Focus.

We will miss Virginia, but we are happy for her, and her family, that she is taking some well-earned time to relax and travel, and that she will finally have the opportunity to devote her considerable talents and energy to the other pursuits she loves.

mary-broderickMary Broderick

Mary Broderick served on the Death Penalty Focus Board of Directors for 19 years as a member of the Executive Committee and Chair of the Nominating Committee, skillfully helping to guide our organization, painstakingly reviewing the details of the operations, and offering an indispensable institutional memory whenever needed.

Her legal skills made Mary an invaluable resource for our organization over the years. Her passion for our mission and her unwavering belief that we will ultimately prevail have energized and encouraged us.

We wish her the best and know that even as she is enjoying the time and freedom to travel and relax, she will remain committed to our cause.

Through it all, both of these devoted abolitionists exhibited unfailing compassion, a commitment to criminal justice reform and an unswerving belief in true justice. As both are prized for their friendship, generosity, and kindness, they will be deeply missed.




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