“The Penalty” is now on Amazon Prime Video

The acclaimed documentary is now on Amazon’s video streaming platform.
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Exciting news – the groundbreaking documentary, The Penalty, is now featured on Amazon Prime Video.

Click here to watch The Penalty on Amazon Prime >>

“The film comes from the team behind the award-winning One For Ten and lifts the lid on the human cost of the death penalty in the United States. One of America’s most divisive issues – capital punishment – is running into some trouble. With drug supplies for lethal injections drying up and public support at an all-time-low, the struggle to keep executing is taking its toll. The Penalty follows three people caught in the crosshairs of capital punishment and the political landscape that could decide their fate.
Going behind the scenes of some of the biggest headlines in the history of America’s death penalty, the film follows the lethal injection protocol crisis that resulted in a botched execution; the rehabilitation of a man who spent 15 years on death row for a crime he didn’t commit, and the family of a murdered young woman split by the state’s pursuit of the ultimate punishment.”

In September 2018, we worked with the filmmakers to launch the film’s California Premier Tour. You can view a few pictures on our Facebook page here.

We met so many people who told us – whether they were in favor of or against executions – that they had never considered the human toll and the ripple effects of the system. And they told us the film either changed their minds or solidified their views.

If you couldn’t make it to one of the screenings, now is your chance to view the film online. If it moves you, please show it to you friends and family so that it might move them as well.

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