Help pass the Federal Death Penalty Prohibition Act of 2021 in the First 100 Days of the Biden Administration


We have a real chance to end the policy that enabled the former president to rush the killing of the most prisoners in the shortest amount of time in over a century. The bill has already been introduced by Rep. Ayanna Pressley in collaboration with Senator Dick Durbin, who has indicated he will introduce a companion bill in the Senate. 

Everyone who wants to abolish the death penalty is asked to help ensure your members of Congress sign on to the bill as co-sponsors, or at least commit to supporting it when it comes up for a vote.   

The Abolitionist Tool Kit 

Please use these tools to spread the word and take action. 

  •  [Graphics] (.zip folder) that can be sent to others or posted on social media. Included are regular post graphics, banners, Facebook cover photos and more.
  •  [Sample social media posts] (.docx and .pdf files) that you can copy and paste or use as a guide to writing your own. We recommend always including the #StopExecutions hashtag to amplify our voices together! You can also use #AbolishTheDeathPenalty & #DeathPenalty
  •  [A letter writing tool] (.docx and .pdf files that can help you in writing emails and handwritten letters to your members of Congress. In orange font are our notes to you and the places you fill in your own information. Feel free to go off script — these are just suggestions. We encourage you to get creative with organizing virtual letter writing parties with your networks and communities! Handwritten letters sent in the postal mail always make the most impact.
  •  [A one-page flyer] (.png file) that provides some background information on the need to abolish the federal death penalty.
  •  [A sample newsletter article] (.docx and .pdf files that you can use as a framework for writing an article in your organization’s newsletter.
  • Sample sermons, pulpit announcements and bulletins to call your religious congregations to action  (link coming soon)

For our international friends and allies, we recommend using these same tools to reach out to your communities to encourage letter writing to the U.S. Ambassador to your country.

We are so excited to have you on board and we are so ready to be rid of this inhumane policy. Please download the tool kit folder or use the link to the tool kit page ( to share with your networks and communities! We also encourage following up with your members of Congress by phone and publishing letters to the editor and op-eds. More tools to come!    

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