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While we’re on the subject…

In her Nevada Independent op-ed, “Nevada is preparing to execute a man with significant organic brain damage,” Dr. Natalie Novick Brown, a licensed clinical psychologist who evaluated

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Voices: Michael Radelet

“Justice Thurgood Marshall was correct in 1972 when he predicted that if people were better informed about the death penalty, they would reject it. That

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In brief: August 2019

In Tennessee, the Tennessean reports Stephen West was executed by electric chair last night. He opted for electrocution over lethal injection, a choice available to

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Furman v. Georgia

Fifty years ago this week, the United States took a historic step toward a more fair, humane, less racist criminal justice system. On June 29,

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In brief: June 2022

In Texas, a state district judge rejected a request by Nueces County District Attorney Mark Gonzalez to cancel a death warrant for a man scheduled

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