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On May 15, Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics launched its “Death ≠ Justice” campaign in 200 shops across the United States and online.

Lush is partnering with several of the leading abolitionist groups in the country, including Death Penalty Focus, Witness to Innocence, and the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty. Asked about the partnership, DPF President Mike Farrell said “We are very pleased to partner with a company like Lush. Not only is the company’s business model based on ethical, environmental, and socially conscious principles, it brings awareness of the death penalty and its flaws to a different segment of the population.”

Lush has earned a reputation as a principled company for its core values of ethical sourcing, natural and vegetarian ingredients, minimal packaging waste , opposition to animal testing, and a commitment to making its products by hand.

The company also donates significant funds to grassroots causes through its “Charity Pot” program. 100 percent of the proceeds from its Charity Pot lotion sales go to nonprofits and charitable organizations. Since 2007, at least 850 organizations across 42 countries have received more than $10 million through the program. Death Penalty Focus received a Charity Pot grant in 2016, and will be a featured partner throughout the Death ≠ Justice campaign. (That means that you can purchase limited edition Charity Pot lotions highlighting the work of DPF on their packaging in stores or online until May 25.)

In addition to several free, in-store events happening May 20-21, Lush is also offering ways to participate online. At, the company is featuring featuring a petition, several articles that can be shared, and a video  with exoneree Kwame Ajumu.

The campaign is expected to reach hundreds of thousands of people, many of whom may not know much about the death penalty and its many problems. According to Lush’s Ethical Campaigns Specialist, Carleen Pickard, “In 2016, death sentences, executions and support for capital punishment were at an historic low, making flaws and failures of the death penalty more apparent than ever. The more people learn about the death penalty, the less they like it, and we’re excited to bring this important issue to our customers.”

We encourage you to join the discussion that the Death ≠ Justice campaign will foster in the coming days. You can weigh in on Facebook and Twitter by using the links below, or you can simply click here to share an infographic on Facebook, or click here to tweet about it.

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